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Snetterton, Norfolk


Reggie's ideal home

Reggie is a four-year-old Labrador who is seeking an active family that can keep up with him. Any children in the home should be older teens as Reggie is very bouncy and over the top with people in the home. He would like to be the only pet but would benefit from meeting up with other calmer dogs out on walks to build his confidence around them. Reggie can be vocal when being left so he'll need someone who can be with him for the majority of the day and slowly build up any leaving hours. Reggie is a real outdoorsy type so he must have a private and fully secure garden with plenty of space for him to run and explore. If you rent your property please have written permission from your landlord before applying for a dog.

Could you be Reggie's perfect match?

Reggie is a beautiful Labrador who came in due to his owners ill health. He is a very active boy who loves the great outdoors so his new family should be keen on taking him on regular adventure walks to satisfy his need to explore. Reggie has been underconfident with some dogs but fine with others, depending on how they greet each other so his adopters should be confident with helping him in this area. Due to this Reggie must be kept on a lead in public and under control around other dogs. Could you be the one for sweet boy Reggie?

Additional Info

  • Advert posted 11 weeks ago
  • Breed Labrador Retriever
  • Current age 4 years (approx)
  • Agency/ Charity DogsTrust
  • Centre Snetterton (Norfolk)
  • Sex Male

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