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Sadberge, County Durham


Silky's ideal home

Tammy is a shy girl looking for a quieter home with her best pal Silky, as they very much depend on each other. They can live with sensible older teens (over 14 years) but need to be the only dogs in the home as can be worried by other dogs. They will need patient, kind owners to gain their trust and help them gain their confidence.

Could you be Silky's perfect match?

Tammy and Silky have not lived in a normal home environment before and have led a very sheltered life; though they're currently learning true home comforts in their loving foster home whilst we try to find them their forever home. They travel well in the car and are working on their housetraining. They will be really loving once they have that special bond with someone, if you can offer these lovely ladies their pawfect retirement pad, get your application in now!

Additional Info

  • Advert posted 10 weeks ago
  • Breed Labrador Retriever
  • Current age 10 years (approx)
  • Agency/ Charity DogsTrust
  • Centre Darlington
  • Sex Female

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